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ST RRS XL-HAIR® (6 vials x 5ml)

ST RRS XL-HAIR® (6 vials x 5ml)


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Product Description

XL Hair® is a new opportunity for the treatment of different baldness patterns and symptomatic hair loss made in conformity with EU Regulation.

XL Hair® formula, designed for superficial and deep dermal injections, is based on hyaluronic acid combined with a unique protective buffer which is acting by increasing proliferation of papilla cells whilst stimulating hair growth, increase the thickness of hair by improving skin nutrition and skin defence against internal & external stress and damage factors.

XL Hair® must be used under appropriate aseptic conditions in an authorized clinic on healthy, disinfected skin.


HA, non-cross-linked 0,001 mg/ml (0,005 mg / 5 ml)

Protective buffer: FGF, GM peptide, Sodium DNA, Amino acids, Trace elements, Vitamins, Terpenes, Fatty acids, Flavonoids, Antioxidants.

Best Indications

Alopecia, hair restoration

How to Use

Professional Use Only

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