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Pharma Hemetic

P-H DRS Derma roller 0.5mm

P-H DRS Derma roller 0.5mm


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Product Description

The Derma-Roller is a device intended to cure a variety of problems, including decreased collagen production in the skin and hair loss, through a process called micro-needling.

Single-use only. Do not use it more than once.

The 0.5mm needle can be used weekly or twice a month without any reverse contraindications.

The use of sunblock after the treatment is advised.


How to Use

Step 1 – Wash

Before using the Derma-Roller on the scalp, clean the area for treatment.

Step 2 – Roll

Roll the Derma-Roller over the scalp back and forth. Make sure you apply pressure to open up microchannels for the HRP to enter the scalp.

Step 3 – Apply SP55

Apply Hair Recovery Program SP55 with a syringe to thinning or balding areas and massage into the scalp.

Step 4 – Roll

Once the product is applied, roll the Derma-Roller over the scalp once more.

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