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MicronJet Nano Needles 0.6mm (30 units)

MicronJet Nano Needles 0.6mm (30 units)


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Product Description

At less than 1mm in size, MicronJetTM is the smallest microneedle on the market, offering an extremely safe, easy-to-use, and practically painless intradermal delivery, particularly when treating the delicate and sensitive area around the eyes.

MicronJetTM is a microneedle-based device, FDA cleared and CE marked. A unique design that allows the shallowest and most consistent forms of delivery. Its minute size (0.6mm) is barely visible to the naked eye, making it significantly less painful for the patient and less intimidating than a traditional needle.

MicronJetTM offers a significant edge over current methods of intradermal needle delivery with its consistency, low leakage rate and high success rate evaluated by its wheal formation. These last no longer than 24 hours and are an indication of the correct positioning of the product into the dermis.

Best Indications

Mesotherapy, PRP, Skin Boosters

How to Use

Professional Use Only

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Why MicronJet Nano Needles 0.6mm (30 units)

  • Robust
  • Safe
  • Bruise free
  • Virtually painless