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Eneomey Purify Peel

Eneomey Purify Peel


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Product Description

Purify Peel is a superficial dermatological peel that speeds up elimination of the superficial keratinized structure of the epidermis to reduce the horny plus.

It is recommended for treating acne: retention acne, hyper-seborrhoea and bacterial proliferation, responsible for inflammatory acne.


- Glycolic Acid
- Salicylic Acid

Best Indications

- Retentional Acne

- Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

- Hyper-seborrhoea

How to Use

Peel protocol
4 times at 15-day intervals. This peel can be used several times throughout the year.

| Cosmeceuticals protocol
To initiate the protocol, it is advisable to prepare the skin over a 2-week period using a tailored care routine prior to the first peel to make sure the skin tolerates the products well and to ensure optimal results.

Morning: Purify Cleanser + Sunlight Screen 50+

Evening: Purify Gel

Stop the skin preparation process 48 hours prior to applying the peel.

Over 4 or 5 days after the peel, apply the Repair Cream as often as required to boost skin repair, and combine this with Sunlight Screen 50+ as sun protection.

After the repair phase, you should continue the skin preparation treatment until the next peel session and for 2 months following the final peel session to ensure optimal benefits.

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