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Product Description

The PRP Centrifuge is an outstanding desktop model designed primarily for small-batch applications. This European-designed centrifuge has obtained both FDA approval and the prestigious CE mark, ensuring its compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

This centrifuge provides great performance and reliability thanks to its solid structure and a number of innovative features. The PRP Centrifuge is only 5.2 kilogrammes in weight, making it a compact and portable choice for a variety of laboratory settings.


The PRP Centrifuge comes with a significant three-year warranty, demonstrating the company’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. This warranty gives users piece of mind, knowing that any unexpected issues with the device will be handled and fixed as soon as possible.


The PRP Centrifuge includes a number of characteristics that allow for efficient and accurate centrifugation. The six nest capacity enables for the simultaneous processing of several samples, improving workflow productivity. The Centrifuge’s speed ranges from 300 to 4500 RPM (rotations per minute), providing diverse possibilities for various applications and sample types.

The PRP Centrifuge has a timer function that allows users to select the desired run time, which ranges from 30 seconds to 99 minutes, allowing for fine control over the centrifugation process. The use of a brushless DC motor enables smooth and constant performance while reducing noise and vibration levels in the laboratory.

Key Features

The PRP Centrifuge is unique by its gentle acceleration and braking features. This function aids in the preservation of sensitive samples by eliminating excessive disruptions during centrifugation. The brushless DC motor in the unit provides reliable operation and contributes to its overall durability.

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