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AD Eyes Serum (15ml)

AD Eyes Serum (15ml)


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Product Description

AD Eyes is an active serum for eyelids that reduces the visible signs of aging around the eyes. Smoothes eyes contour appearance and beautifies, promotes skin elasticity.

Presentation: 15 mL (0,50 fl. Oz.)


Vitamins (Vit C)
Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract
Melilotus Officinalis Extract
Vitis Vinifera Vine Extract
Organic Silicium
flavonoids (Troxerutin)

Best Indications

It’s a definitive help to enhance skin elasticity; get an antioxidant effect; get a whitening effect; reduce the aspect of swollen eyes; decongest eyes contour; smooth eyes contour and enhance the appearance of bags under the eyes.

How to Use

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