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AD Daily Care Hair Spray (125 ml)

AD Daily Care Hair Spray (125 ml)


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Product Description

AD Hair is a topical solution in spray that acts a hair growth regenerator which revitalizes and strengthens hair fiber via a greater contribution of essential nutrients and a stimulating action. AD Daily Care Hair is a topical solution with highly efficient synergic natural extracts which combat hair fall.


Methylsilanol mannuronate
Sodium DNA
Ginkgo Biloba
Biotin: sh-polypeptide-1
Avena Sativa
Glycine soja

Best Indications

AD Hair is indicated for both men and women as preventive or maintenance care of excessive hair fall.

How to Use

Recommended application during 4 weeks at least, to strength growth in periods with a greater tendency for hair fall (spring and autumn). Spray AD Hair directly onto the scalp after cleaning it and lightly massage ensuring the product is well distributed over the application areas.
AD Hair can be used as a complement to specific cosmetic aesthetic hair care, following the professional’s indications.
Apply twice a day, as long as necessary.

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