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RRS Starter Bundle

RRS Starter Bundle


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Product Description

1 Box RRS HA Injectable (6 x 5ml vials)
1 Box RRS Hyalift 35 (6 x 5ml vials)
1 Box MicronJet Nano Needles (30 units)

RRS HA Injectable (6 x 5ml vials)

RRS ® HA Injectable is complex formula made of 72 active ingredients combined with non-cross-linked hyaluronic with an anti-ageing action.

RRS Hyalift 35

RRS Hyalift35 is a dermal implant for treatment of skin photo ageing and its consequences.

MicronJet Nano Needles (30 units)

MicronJet is the original microneedle-based device, FDA cleared and CE marked. A unique design that allows the shallowest and most consistent forms of delivery. Its minute size (0.6mm) is barely visible to the naked eye, making it virtually painless for the patient and less intimidating than a traditional needle.


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