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Pharma Hemetic

P-H Nourishing hair mask 250ml

P-H Nourishing hair mask 250ml


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Product Description

Mask specially formulated for dry and damaged hair due to exposure to external environmental, thermal and chemical factors. Contains hyaluronic acid, mango butter, shea, and grapeseed oil. This mask helps improve hydration, nutrition and resistance to hair breakage. It also provides an extraordinary conditioning effect, flexibility and shine to the hair.


How to Use

Step 1: Apply
Apply the mask to damp hair and scalp in sufficient quantity.

Step 2: Massage
Massage and comb the hair with your fingers several times.

Step 3: Relax
Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes

Step 4: Rinse
Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Step 5: Dry.
Dry your hair.

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