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Pharma Hemetic

P-H Hair recovery program SP55 (5 vials x 5ml)

P-H Hair recovery program SP55 (5 vials x 5ml)


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Product Description

This product is used only at your hair clinic. It is not a product you can use at home. You have to see a specialist at apply the product

Key benefits
It can be used as a topical daily nutritive essential serum.
Helps provide strength & thickness to each individual hair type
Creates the optimal environment for hair growth
Providing vitality to brittle and weak hair
Improves quantity and appearance
Lasting results
Control of hair loss
Pharma Hermetic is not a drug.


Key Ingredients
Chain of 8 Peptides with 150+ Amino Acids
100% Sterile, Organic Natural ingredients
Ginkgo Biloba

How to Use

How to use
The SP55 is applied with a derma roller. The product should be applied directly on, or near the hairline, working your way down towards the back of the head. Be sure to only treat the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss. Each area should be rolled approximately 10-15 times.

Application Protocol

Dry hair application
Massage the scalp to improve vasodilation
Use a derma roller (0.5 Millimetres)
Massage product in the scalp
Use derma roller again
Wait 5 min for full absorption
Avoid direct sunlight after every session – 8h
Do not shampoo after the session – 8h

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