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Pharma Hemetic

P-H Hair growth & restoration lotion 50ml

P-H Hair growth & restoration lotion 50ml


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Product Description

Introducing professional Hair Lotion which stimulates the cells to keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy. The active ingredients make your hair more complete and shiny. The encapsulation technology stabilized in double-layer allows the actions of the active ingredients to be absorbed thoroughly into the scalp.

Frequently use for all types of hair. Product for men and women.


How to Use

Step 1: Part
Apply at night while standing in front of a mirror, part your hair with a comb. Shake the lotion before using.

Step 2: Spray
Make sure your hair is dry. Spray the product as closely as possible to the part line with the lotion spray. Spray 3 times along each part line.

Step 3: Repeat
Repeat steps 1 and 2 five times so that you cover most of your scalp. You will need approximately 15 full pumps to cover scalp area above your ear line.

Step 4: Massage
Gently massage the product around your scalp with your fingertips for about a minute to help spread the product around evenly. Do not wash your hair or beard in 8 hours after the application of the product. Avoid sunlight after application for 8 hours.

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