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Full Face Meso Bundle

Full Face Meso Bundle


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Product Description

This bundle consists of;

1 Box RRS HA Injectable (6 x 5ml vials)
1 Box MicronJet Nano Needles (30 units)

RRS Injectable (6 x 5ml vials)

RRS ® HA Injectable is complex formula made of 72 active ingredients combined with non-cross-linked hyaluronic with an anti-ageing action.

Best Indications

Photo ageing and its consequences and other skin or subcutaneous disorders (i.e. striae distensae).

Treatment areas

Face, Neck, Cleavage, Back of hands, Internal face of arms, Internal face of thighs, Peri-umbilical area, Abdomen (stretch marks).

Micron Jet

MicronJet is made of pure silicon crystal and is the smallest aesthetic product injection device ever created. The wafer-thin slice of silicon crystal is shaped into an ultra-sharp, non-blunting needle with a fine channel (lumen).

Currently available in 0.6mm.


Best Indications

How to Use

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