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CLINICAL STUDY: RadiaNt Ultra Filler vs Juvederm Voluma


This clinical study compares RadiaNt Ultra (26 mg/ml) filler to Juvéderm Voluma filler. The study's aim was to demonstrate that RadiaNt products are as effective as Juvéderm. Juvéderm products are used in comparison because they are widely used, and trusted by healthcare providers and patients.

Study was conducted by a reputable clinical research organisation, in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki, ISO 14155:2020. Good Clinical Practice, EU Council Directives on medical devices 93/42/EEC and its amendments, and national legislation and regulations on Medical Devices and Clinical trials.

Parameters of Study

  • Subjects with grade 3 and 4 MMVS scores were recruited for this study. 
  • 5-point Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS) was implemented in order rate improvement in appearance, compared to pre-treatment. Subjects and Investigators responded separately. 
  • Subjects completed 2 questions in order to evaluate subject's level of satisfaction. 
  • Adverse and expected post-treatment events e.g. redness, swelling/Edema, bruising, post-treatment pain, tenderness, itching and duration of symptoms


    Clinically Proven Efficacy

    • Subjects experienced consistent and positive aesthetic improvements from treatments with RadiaNt Ultra
    • Throughout the study, the majority of the patients consistently expressed satisfaction with the treatment of the midface using RadiaNt Ultra.
    • Investigators and patients see positive changes in GAIS, WSRS, MMVS scales, establishing the efficacy of Radiant Ultra.
    • RadiaNt Ultra is clinically proven to last at least 9 months, making it a competitive choice for practitioners and patients.

      Clinically Proven Safety

      • No treatment -related serious adverse events, or adverse events leading to withdrawal from the studies, were reported.
      • RadiaNt Ultra possess a positive safety profile, and are well-tolerated for the improvement of mid-face augmentation.

      Highly comparable performance to the world's leading filler

      • RadiaNt Ultra delivers comparable results to Juvederm Voluma in MMVS, with proven effectiveness in volume restoration.
      • Outstanding comparative outcomes: RadiaNt Ultra matches Juvederm Voluma in clinical results, safety and patient satisfaction.
      • The percentage of subjects showing improvement was highly similar throughout the study between the comparative products.
      • Subjects and investigators alike ranked the comparative products similarly across all parameters tested.


        How to Order 

        You can now order the Radiant Ultra on our website, delivering Juvederm-quality results at a competitive price.

        If you've got any further questions about the RadiaNt Ultra filler, please email us or call us on 023 80 676733.

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