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Glyco Age Peel - 15 ml

Inno-Exfo : Chemical Peels Professional Use

Product Code: IP001

Causes of aging

Apart from the passage of time, or chronological aging, there are many factors which accelerate the natural changes occurring with age, the main ones being:

Exposure to the sun
Tobacco smoke and pollution
Genetic factors
Nutritional factors
All these create free radicals: toxic substances which damage cells and cause aging of the skin, producing wrinkles, marks, dehydration and flaccidity.

The sun is the main causal agent of prematurely aged skin.



AHAs are widely used in treating many skin pathologies, particularly blemishing due to skin photo-aging.
Among them glycolic acid is the most widely used as dermabrasive chemical agent.

The action of INNO-EXFO Glyco Age Peel is based on the ideal combination of some of these AHA's with retinol, its application having the following effects:

Thinning of corneum stratum
Epidermis thickening
Significative increase in collagen content of papillary dermis
Stimulation of dermic GAG formation
Induction of collagen synthesis

Consequently significative improvement is achieved in dermic elastosis, colour alterations, skin dryness, acne, greasy skin and strechmarks

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Glyco Age Peel - 15 ml
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