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Epi Peel Level 1 (Free Acid 40%) - 237ml

DCL Skincare : Chemical Peels Professional Use

Product Code: 200670

Size 237ml
Kit containing 50 applicator Balls
40% Glycolic Peel
Dispensing Cup

Indicated for
•  Acne skin
•  Hyper-pigmentation
•  Anti-Aging

A 40% Glycolic Peel which will improve the condition and texture of all skin types, except the very sensitive.  This product should only be used by Doctors.

Features and Benefits
•  Contains 40% Glycolic Acid
•  Exfoliates and removes abnormal cells leaving skin with better colour and texture.
•  Reduces Acne
•  Contains Vitamin C, a topical antioxidant.
•  Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and revitalised.


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Epi Peel Level 1 (Free Acid 40%) - 237ml
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