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27G x 40mm 1 1/2 " Cannulas x 20

Dermasculpt : Cannulas

Product Code: DERMASCULPT27

Derma Sculpt 27G x 38mm Cannulas presented in box of 20

DermaSculpt Smooth Tip Microcannula

    * The new cannula does not cut through tissue

    * It slides under the Papillar Dermis, inside the Reticular Dermis

    * Virtually no pain and no bruising

Classic Needle with sharp tip

    * Sharp needles cut through the skin and tissues, causing bruising

    * Ecchymosis risk is high

    * Pain is unavoidable

    * The new cannulas does not cut through the tissues

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27G x 40mm 1 1/2 " Cannulas x 20
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