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By: Katharine Griffiths
Created on 15th October 2010


Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Today article, the cutting-edge medical aesthetic skincare website, has undergone a complete redesign, with a sleek new look and products newly defined by brand as well as individual skincare needs. The site also features an informative ‘skin facts' and ‘diet facts' section which explores everything the consumer needs to know about skincare and nutrition.

Under the guidance and direction of Dr Elisabeth Dancey, renowned for her experience in aesthetic medicine treatments, beautyisskindeep has selected high performance solutions that can be used safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

For those who want professional skin products for use at home, beautyisskindeep is committed to bringing consumers up-to-date medical brands from across the globe, for the effective care and maintenance of your skin. The brands cater for all skin concerns, including everything from products for wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and cellulite to those that aid in skin healing after undergoing surgical or cosmetic procedures.

Brands include: Bariatrix, DCL, DermaCeutic, SkinCeuticals and Pro-Medic.