V Soft Lift

PDO threads

These originate from Korea and have been used for many years. PDO is stitch material and has been used for 30 years in surgery of all types. It is a single monofilament thread with a slight spiralling motion. The thread is mounted on a needle which is used to insert the thread. There are two thicknesses; a 5.0 thread mounted on a 27G x 50mm needle and a 6.0 thread mounted on a 29 G x 20mm needle.

The threads have no cones or ratchets but work by creating new collagen around them. New collagen tends to contract once formed. The number of threads allows considerable shrinkage of the tissues.

V Soft Lift is a threading technique that has been adapted from the Korean practice. Many threads are inserted into the face in order to form a network of supporting fibres and new collagen. They are concentrated where there is volume loss and sagging. The more threads that are inserted then the better the results are. 

These products can only be supplied to trained medical professionals. For further information please email judith@magroup.co.uk or call 02382 358670.

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